Covers all technical items including: installation, commissioning, operation and troubleshooting. 

Part of the requirements to become a FarSounder certified technician.

Gratis for Dealers and Customers

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Becoming a Certified FarSounder Technician

This class is geared towards anyone interested in diving deep into all technical aspects of our products, including vessel superintendents, ship's engineers, and technicians. 

Technicians associated with a FarSounder dealer can also qualify to become a Certified FarSounder Technician. 

Upon completion of this class, dealer technicians must successfully complete a one-on-one review session to become certified. The purpose of this review is to:

  • confirm participant's understanding of the materials,
  • provide participants the opportunity to ask further questions about what we’ve presented, and
  • build a personal relationship with participants so that we can better support them moving forward.

Certification is valid for 2 years and can be renewed by completing a short review class.

Course duration: about 8 hours

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Welcome

    • How to Use This Course

    • Before We Get Started

  • 2

    Product Overview

    • FarSounder's Navigation Products

    • Hardware Overview

    • Software Overview

    • Quiz: Product Overview

  • 3

    FarSounder Technology Background

    • What Makes FarSounder Special

    • Quiz: What Makes Us Special

    • Forward Looking Sonar Metrics

    • Quiz: Important Metrics

  • 4

    Installation Design

    • Overview of the Installation Design Process

    • Transducer Module Installation Design

    • Examples of Transducer Module Installations

    • Quiz: Considerations for Transducer Module Installation

    • Power Module and Cable Installation Design

    • Integration Onboard the Vessel

    • Quiz: Inboard Equipment Installations

  • 5

    Shipboard Installation

    • Overview of the Shipyard Installation Process

    • Terminating the Sonar Connection Cable

    • Connecting the Power Module

    • Connecting to the Transducer Module

    • Quiz: Physical Connections

    • The Customer Hardware Acceptance Test

    • How to Perform a CHAT

    • Quiz: CHAT Testing

    • Installation of Equipment and Software

    • Quiz: Sonar Hardware, Computers, and Software

  • 6


    • Commissioning Background

    • The Harbor Acceptance Test

    • System Acceptance Testing

    • Quiz: The Commissioning Process

  • 7

    Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Service

    • Typical System Maintenance

    • Vessel Maintenance and Dry Dock Procedures

    • Quiz: Maintenance

    • Troubleshooting

    • Service, Repairs, and Warranty

    • Quiz: Troubleshooting, Service, and Repair

  • 8

    Using the SonaSoft Software

    • The 3D Viewer

    • The Chart Viewer

    • The Sonar Processor

    • The Configuration Manager

    • Global Controls

    • Local History Mapping Explained

    • Quiz: User Interface and Display

    • Understanding the Sonar Data

    • Quiz: Interpreting the Data

  • 9

    Example Scenarios and Discussion

    • Scenario: Calm, Uncrowded Environment, Flat Bottom

    • Quiz: Calm, Uncrowded Environment, Flat Bottom

    • Scenario: Deep Water Bridge Approach

    • Quiz: Deep Water Bridge Approach

    • Scenario: Shallow Water Bridge Approach

    • Quiz: Shallow Water Bridge Approach

    • Scenario: Harbor Examples

    • Quiz: Harbor Examples

    • Scenario: Transit Along a Pier

    • Quiz: Transit Along a Pier

    • Scenario: Directly Approaching a Pier

    • Quiz: Directly Approaching a Pier

    • Scenario: Long Range Shoal Approach

    • Quiz: Long Range Shoal Approach

    • Scenario: Detection Beyond the Bottom Mapping Range Examples

    • Quiz: Detection Beyond the Bottom Mapping Range Examples

    • Scenario: Very Deep Water Transiting Over a Shoal

    • Quiz: Very Deep Water Transiting Over a Shoal

    • Scenario: Examples of Environmental Interference

    • Quiz: Examples of Environmental Interference

  • 10

    Course Completion

    • Conclusion

    • Class Completion Survey